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Lisle Police Pension Fund
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Board of Trustees
Jeff Simeral
Tim Dempsey
Steve Arp
Jim Pielsticker
Peter Jankovskis


The Pension Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees.  This Board is established by Illinois Statute, and is an independent entity.  The Trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to govern the Fund in a prudent manner within the requirements and limitations of Illinois law.  Some of the Board's duties include the investment of pension funds and hearing evidence on pension applications.  Final administrative decisions of the Board of Trustees are subject to judicial review under the Illinois Administrative Review Law.


The Board consists of five members:

*Two police officers who are elected by active contributing officers.
*Two members who are appointed by the Mayor.
*One beneficiary - which may be a retired officer or surviving family member who is  elected by the beneficiaries (i.e., retirees, surviving spouses and disabled officers).


Regular meetings are held on a quarterly basis.  From time to time special meetings may be called, usually to hold hearings on disability pension applications.  These meetings are open to the public, except when specific personnel matters are discussed in executive session.  Minutes of the meetings are available at the Lisle Library, the Village Hall, and on the Village website.  Trustees are not paid for service as Trustees to the Fund. 

Role of Professional Consultants.
To assist the Board of Trustees in carrying out their duties, professional services are retained as needed.  They may include actuaries, certified public accountants, investment managers, investment consultants and legal counsel.


Service of Legal Documents
Legal documents should be served upon the Board's general council at the below listed address. 

Address for Service:

Lisle Police Pension Fund
c/o Richard J. Reimer & Associates, LLC
15 Spinning Wheel Rd. Suite 310
Hinsdale, IL 60521

(P) 630-654-9547
(F) 630-654-9676


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