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Documents for Union Stewards

Feel free to modify these forms as needed to suit your MAP chapter. 

Union Roster Template
General roster, for local membership.

Wish List / Proposal Requests (sample)
To be sent out to your local's membership prior to negotiations. 

Proposal Sample / Format
Shows one way to format a proposal,
 ie. underline new language, strikethrough removed language, and line number at left. 

Index of Proposals (sample)
Identifies each article of your contract, and the proposals made by each party.

Status of Proposals (sample)
Same as the index above, but lists the current status / outcome of each proposal. 
These two charts can be combined if you prefer, you can also add another column with internal notes.

Cost out Chart (sample)
Calculates the total cost of unit salaries, and the total cost of your proposed increase. 

Total Benefits Chart (sample)
This chart compares the total economic benefits of one unit to another. 
This may be important because some towns have artificially low salaries;
they may have benefits hidden in the form of various bonuses & incentives.
(note: when negotiating, focus on base salary because it applies to pension, overtime, etc.)

Request for Personnel Records Review (sample)
Employees may use this form to request their personnel file, to include copies. 

DOL Complaint form - Personnel Records Review
If management won't give an employee access to their file, this is the complaint form.













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