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    After several years of waiting patiently, and without a pay raise since 2008 for most of us, we have finally resolved the current contract.  The Union has prevailed on all outstanding issues that were submitted to arbitration. 

Bellow is the decision, and a summary:

Interest Arbitration Award.pdf

In summary, these issues are resolved as follows:

1. Contract Duration (Section 32). The Unionís final offer is selected.

2. Wages (Section 14.1). The Unionís final offer is selected. Section 14.3 Retroactivity shall be changed to reference May 1, 2009.

3. Compensatory Time (Section 6.5). The Unionís final offer is selected.

4. Tentatively Agreed to Changes. As noted above, the partiesí tentative agreements on all of the other issues resolved during their negotiations for their successor collective bargaining agreement are incorporated into this Award by reference.

5. Retention of Jurisdiction. Pending preparation and execution of the partiesí successor agreement, the parties agree that the Arbitrator will retain jurisdiction.



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